Dare to Share.

Shareful is a Resource Sharing Network.

Prototype Launching at USC

We've All Got Stuff.

Most of it sits around for most of the time, regularly unused.

Don't believe us? See for yourself. Take 5 minutes to explore your living space and create a list of things you don't use on a daily or regular basis.

Pro Tip: Check storages spaces like closets, garages, cabinets, maybe even the attic?

Yet, We All Need Stuff.

Our consumerist society is designed to make us think of buying new as the first solution to these needs.

‍So we keep buying things. Many of which we’ll only use occassionally. The rest of the time? They sit around, taking up space in our homes, unused

And when we do want to borrow something instead of buying, there’s no easy way to reach everyone who has it, ask without being annoying or awkward, and keep track of everything we’re borrowing.

There is tremendous waste in this system.

For centuries, our paradigm about resource ownership has remained the same - individualistic and maximalist. But with the cost of living, population, and climate crisis all rising, the waste this system generates is increasingly unsustainable.

It's time for a paradigm shift.

And we're building it.

Shareful is coming soon. You can be part of it.

Shareful is the embodiment of our mission to build technology that reduces scarcity.

As such, its development is currently our company’s singular focus.

As we build a new organization at USC, there’s never been a more exciting time to get in on the action.

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In the meanwhile...

The Shareful Prototype is launching at USC

We’ve used Notion, a powerful content management system, to build a prototype of Shareful for USC residential communities.

Sign up to be added to your dorm or apartment’s community below, and start sharing with the people you already live with.

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