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Time is a beautiful thing.

An app that allows users to measure time should be equally beautiful.

Every design choice purposeful, TeraTime provides the most elegant stopwatch and timer experience available.

And because if you love something, you should set it free, TeraTime will never cost a cent.

The App

Counting has always been the most fundamental way of keeping time. We have naturally evolved a curiosity to know how long things take.


TeraTime quenches this curiosity for Mac. 


By combining an intuitive user experience with elegant design, our stopwatch puts what most important foremost - time.


"Hurry up, it's time!"

Designing the timer was an exercise in introspection, taking features we wished existed in other timers an incorporating them into our own. From alerts to a prominent display, TeraTimer is proof that even the simplest things can be perfected.


Whether you're baking the perfect cake, playing chess, or beating a personal best, you can always rely on TeraTimer.


One of the biggest reasons to have a desktop stopwatch and timer is to increase productivity.


Keyboard shortcuts are the next step in this vision. Fast and intuitive methods of starting and stopping timers and stopwatches ensure a fluid user experience.

Keyboard shortcuts

As a company, we value flexibility, and our apps to reflect that sentiment. With TeraTime, we allow you to change the size of your app window to whatever size suits you best.

This includes a full screen feature, a split view, and anything in between, so that you never feel limited by space.




"I've been waiting for an app like this for a while.


My NSB team started using TeraTime and we haven't looked back. Awesome!" 


- Sreekar Madabushi